Plastic Packaging Materials

Future Packaging carries a large variety of plastic packaging materials. Plastic products are available ex-stock and may also be produced to specific customer requirements.

Poly Link Bin Boxes:
Poly Link Bin Boxes are made from durable 5mm correx (plastic based) material and are ideal for the storing of spares and small components. These boxes are kept on normally kept on multiple shelf levels and are well used in most spares divisions and hardware outlets. These Poly Link Bin Boxes are available in sizes small, medium and large. They are supplied as flat die-cut pieces and can easily be self-constructed.

Polyethylene Bags:
Future Packaging offers a variety of low-density polyethylene bags in various forms and thicknesses. These include Clear Stock Bags, Self-Seal Mini Grips, and Mattress Bags. Along with these, HDPE Carrier / Shopping Bags are also available. Other products kept in stock for your convenience are Refuse Bags and Document pouches.

Shrink Films:
Future Packaging offers both Shrink Plastic (LDPE) as well as Performance Shrink films, allowing the client to carry out professional bundling and full wrap options. The performance films that are carried Ex-Stock have been imported from Europe and Asia and are available in a centre-fold format. The Shrink plastic (LDPE) is available Ex-Stock in a lay-flat format however, it can also be manufactured to client requirements. Alongside these Shrink products we also carry a vast range of Skin Film Plastics for all Skin Packaging requirements, these are available in different widths and thickness.

Pallet Wrap:
Pallet Wrap (also commonly known as Clear Stretch film) is ideal for securing products on a pallet and pallet loads. It also allows for offering product protection against the elements and various other bundling requirements. Pallet Wrap can be applied by the means of either Manual / Hand rolls or Machine rolls for automated wrappers. Both mono blown and co-extruded films are available in both formats. Manually applied pallet wrap is also available in an Extended Core, allowing the user a more convenient and comfortable application. Black Coloured Pallet wrap is also available and is highly effective in deterring against pilferage on pallet loads, as products cannot be seen. Smaller roll widths of pallet wrap known as Stretch Refills are effective for small bundling requirements and are also available ex-stock.

LDPE Tubing and Sheeting:
Future Packaging produce a significant amount of customised LDPE plastic tubing and sheeting products. These are used for various packaging applications and are manufactured from all grades, that being, Virgin Clear LDPE, in-house recycled LDPE and smoky recycled LDPE. Printed and coloured LDPE sheeting and tubing is also available. Furniture Wrap (tubing) is kept as a stock line and is a popular item in the furniture manufacturing and moving industry.