General Products

Future Packaging carries a large variety of General Products, categorised under storage, stationery, protective packaging, paper products and gift wrappers. We offer our clients high-quality products at competitive prices and with branches throughout South Africa, you can be sure to find what you are looking for, easily and quickly.

We want to offer a one-stop solution to our clients where they can easily get the products they are looking for at a price they can afford. We want to make your shopping experience as quick and painless as possible so that you can get back to concentrating of the managing of your business.


Effective storage solutions can not only save a lot of space but can also increase productivity. We helped various companies across South Africa to optimise their warehouses' storage spaces.

Our range of storage products include heavy-duty plastic nesting crates, industry standards dairy crates, storage crates, crate trolleys, plastic corner protectors, plastics office storage containers with drawers, plastic storage boxes and lift bins (dustbins).


We also offer a wide range of quality stationery products, which include postal tubes of various sizes, bubble padded envelopes for the protection of your goods in transit, various types and sizes of twine, copper and other staples, staple guns, rubber bands, permanent markers, snap off blades, rubber stamps, cable ties, glue sticks and more.

Protective Packaging Materials:

Protective packaging is extremely important for the protection of your goods during transit or storage. There are various types of packaging materials, such as:

- Bubble wrap & Anti-static bubble wrap:
Bubble wrap is lightweight, inexpensive and provides effective protection. You can protect your goods by using less packaging materials, which lowers the cost overall. Anti-static bubble wrap also provides adequate protection to electronic products and protects against static discharges. Bubble wrap is available in clear or anti-static and can be plain or printed on a laminant. It can also be put into different size, as per customer requirements.

- Aerothene:
Aerothene can be used by the furniture industry for wrapping and protecting the legs of tables, desktops, etc. It can be plain or printed on a laminant and can also be split into various sizes, as per customer requirements.

- Combilay:
Combilay is used for underlay cushioning under wooden floors.

- Plastic corner protectors & cardboard edge guards:
Edge guards are made from pressed board to protect your products from the damage strapping can cause, whereas plastic corner protectors are used on boxes to protect the box from the strapping.

- Wiggly worms, wood wool & shredded paper:
All 3 of these products are used for void fill.

- Postal tubes:
Postal tubes protects documents during transportation and storage.

Paper products:

At Future Packaging, we offer a range of paper products for all your wrapping needs. Our paper products include the following:

- Chipboard:
Backing Boards are used for the manufacturing of furniture / frames. They can be cut into different sizes, as per customer requirements.

- Kraft paper & Mandini paper:
These brown wrapping papers are used in a variety of industries, from printing to engineering organisations and furniture manufacturers. Kraft is more of a rough paper when compared to Mandini Paper, which is more refined and has a slight gloss finish. Mandini paper is also offered by Stationery outlets for the wrapping of school books and files. The products are sold in a roll form and various sizes are available. Customised sheets may also be ordered.

- Newsprint paper:
White newsprint is sold in bundles of 10kg and 15kg. This paper is used for a variety of applications such as the wrapping of smaller items and void fill in cartons. This is a popular product used in the moving industry and may also be customised to the sheet size and ream quantity.

- Tar Kraft:
Tar Kraft is also known as waterproof paper, available in reinforced and non-reinforced options. This waterproof paper is ideally suited for steel wrapping and crate lining. It is supplied in a roll form.

Gift wrapping range:

With our gift wrapping range, you can get in touch with your creative side. We have anything from tissue paper, gift wrapping paper, paper wrapping dispensers, cellophane rolls, gift bags, poly ribbons, satin ribbons and gift boxes. Various colours and sizes available at great prices.