Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Future Packaging prides itself in manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes for a wide range of industry. We keep in stock various fast moving boxes and can make up any customised box according to requirements and specifications.

Corrugated cardboard is available in many different combinations and flutes. The most appropriate combination is determined from our technical sales and design team, who understands your products and industry and therefore provides you with the suitable solution to your needs. When buying cardboard boxes, one needs to determine your requirements by looking at the product’s palletizing, storage, transport and distribution requirements. Our aim is to ensure your goods are well protected, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Single & Double Wall Boxes:

These are the most common boxes found at home or the office. They come in various sizes, perfectly suited for your needs. Single wall boxes consist of a single layer of corrugated cardboard and are used for items not exceeding ±12kg in weight. It’s suitable for lighter items and can be stacked on top of each other for easy storage. The double wall boxes consist of a double layer of corrugated cardboard and are suitable for items not exceeding ±30kg.

TVL Cartons:

These boxes are generally used for longer items and are available in single and double wall options. Various sizes are available to suit your needs perfectly.

Office or Admin Boxes:

Various industries are making use of admin boxes for various purposes, from archiving documents to making filing an easy and neat process. A proper filing system ensures that your documents are safe, but also ensures productivity and easy location of paperwork.

Admin boxes look neater, ensures less clutter in the workplace and can be safely stacked on top of each other to use the storage space effectively. Our file boxes have writing space on the front for easy identification and a labelling area on the side to explain the content of the specific file. These file boxes are ideal for the office environment.

Hanger Boxes:

Hanger boxes are constructed of a basic die-cut tab that is folded out from the rear panel on the top end of the carton. These hanger boxes can be used for safeguarding clothes that need to be transported or stored.

Flat Sheets:

Flat sheets of cardboard can be used for safeguarding / separating goods in transit. They can also be used on pallets as layer pads between products. These flat cardboards sheets can be cut to any size, according to customer specifications.

Future Packaging provides cost-effective and quality packaging solutions. We aim to provide our clients with world-class service and high-quality products.

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